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So – what is it that makes our ‘caffeine kick’ hot drinks so different?

Well, it all boils down to:  the milk; the strength; the taste; and the serving method – whether it is cappuccino, latte or mocha – all are very different.


The serving

The average capacity of a cup of cappuccino is 180ml, while the volume of a cup of latte or mocha is at least 240ml – normally using 1 shot of espresso

The milk 

The foam in a cappuccino is more dense and thick than other coffee drinks

The taste

Latte and mocha have a smooth and soft taste, where the coffee is almost not felt.  However, the cappuccino has a brighter coffee flavour due to the espresso serving.

“The main difference between a cappuccino and other coffee-based drinks is strength and taste”

How to make a cappuccino foam dense enough.

It is necessary to supply steam to the milk at low pressure and keep the metal milk jug until it is hot to touch.  To make the foam softer, it is necessary to supply steam at high pressure to the milk and periodically change the depth of the steam wand in the milk.



Serving time of a cappuccino is 2.5 minutes.

Morning coffee and afternoon teas are available everyday.  Come into our Waypoint Bar and taste our hot drinks for yourself to see if we are serving the best cappuccino from the best barista in town!  If you would like to work for us – please see our available positions online.

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Post by Linda Dumpe

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