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With this simple recipe you can feel like a pro – ditch the supermarket butter and make your own then when you have got the knack of churning…start experimenting with other ingredients.  The perfect addition to homemade bread and marmalade in the morning, or anytime of day for that matter!


Cultured Butter


1l        Double Scottish Cream

200g  Active Yoghurt

Isle of Skye sea salt to taste



Mix the cream and yoghurt together, warm to 24° and leave in a warm area for 24-48 hours until very thick.  Chill overnight and then churn into butter, reserving the buttermilk for other recipes.  Add salt to taste and spread on your warm toast.


If you would like to join us in the Brasserie to sample our butter – we have been making pesto butter and marmite butter (please note we are opening again from 7th February) – we would love to look after you so please contact us to make a reservation on  Alternatively, send us some of your photos on homemade butter!

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