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Congratulations to our employee of December


“a talented member of the team who when given a problem or a task, manages to quietly beaver away until he gets the answer or completes what needs to be done.  He worked really hard in preparation for the Christmas market and Hogmanay – the beautiful signs, snowman, Peaky Blinder crates and of course the perfect firework performance.  When off duty he is actually on-duty, giving of his all…always helping out with hotel maintenance issues big or small.  He is conscientious and humble.   A true team player! “

Well Done!

So many worthy candidates – other nominees are:

Tiffaine – really shone with her involvement on Hogmanay doing a great job with the ideas and boxes – thorough, conscientious and enthusiastic!  She throws herself at any task, wanting to do her best – giving it a go even if she doesn’t really know…this is an admirable attribute to have within the team.

Tereza – in the last 2 weeks of December she took on more responsibility and things have ‘clicked’.  She thrived on Christmas Day and also on Hogmanay getting really involved in both events– we look forward to seeing more of her input over the coming months.

Stephen – new to the team and has been exceptionally helpful – always willing to work that little bit extra or come in earlier to get the job done

Holly – looks after breakfast service, is reliable and conscientious (always finding a job to do) – did a great job with the Christmas Market gingerbread cookies and pancakes with the kitchen boys in the cold!

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Post by Caroline Gregory

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