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There are so many reasons to visit Scotland…the beautiful nature, friendly folk, interesting characters, many outdoor activities, Highland Games, Festivals…the list is endless but before listing the really fun facts, let’s get to know the basics about Scotland.

You might already know these facts but let us go through them anyway as it’s always great to know the basics about the place you’re going to visit.


Now let’s continue with 10 facts you might not know and some of them might surprise you!

  1.  Scotland has 300 Castles & 790 islands
  2. The “national Animal” of Scotland is a Unicorn
  3. Dolly the sheep was cloned in Edinburgh
  4. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world
  5. Imports of Haggis to the US have been banned since 70’s
  6. Scots invented Golf (St. Andrew is the “home of the Golf”)
  7. Loch Morar is the deepest of all Lochs (328m)
  8. Shortest commercial flight in the world: Westray to Papa Westray by Logan Air (48 seconds) 1, 7 miles
  9. Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have a fire brigade and is built on 7 hills (also in 7 hill club: Madrid, Moscow and Rome)
  10. Prestwick Airport is the only place in Britain that Elvis Presley visited (ever)

Do you have any other facts to add?

What with Scotland’s gorgeous scenery, rich history and culture and some very unique aspects – why wouldn’t you want to visit and stay with us at the same time – to book, contact reservations on 01456 459250.

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Post by Linda Dumpe

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