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The Lovat hotel is using different Scottish suppliers that match our ethos so we thought we would introduce some of those to you so you have a closer insight into their products and services.

This week we’re introducing you to Heather Hills Farms who produce Scottish Heather Honey.

Heather Hills Farm

From humble beginnings of just a single hive in 1945, Heather Hills Farm now boasts 1300 across Perthshire and Deeside, the most beautiful parts of Scotland. Add traditional extraction and collection methods to the mix, its little surprise that as an award-winning Scottish Great Taste Producer and Citaslow Supporter, their signature raw Scottish Heather Honey is internationally recognised for its superior quality and distinct flavour.

Heather hills Farm

Bee resting on side of heather in bloom

Highly sought after and known as the ‘Champagne’ of honeys, this Great Taste Gold 2011 award-winner is only won from wild-flowering purple heather in the Scottish Highlands between July and September of each year. Like a single malt whisky, its unique terroir dictates its outstanding autumnal palate combined with its limited production season, making it highly sought after and renowned amongst connoisseurs worldwide.

Heather Hills Farm

Dedicated to nature, their traditional craft and local heritage for over 75 years, this small family-run farm is passionate about the sustainability of the honey bee, its natural environment and its essential work in pollination. Their small scale production and well-spaced out hives strive to ensure their bees have enough resources for foraging to produce the finest honey. Collected and extracted using traditional methods – never heated over the normal temperature of the hive to ensure its inherent character and natural benefits are not destroyed – it’s then bottled and labelled by hand in small batches. Not the easiest method, but the best way to ensure the quality and excellence of a superior Scottish product in each and every jar.

heather hills farm

For anyone keen on supporting the work of the honey bee and achieving a healthy, sustainable population here in Scotland, they also offer adoption packages – from bees to entire hives – including a day’s beekeeping where you can learn more about their bees, their natural environment and their craft. Visit their website or call 01250 886 252 for more information.

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Post by Linda Dumpe

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