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Our Waypoint bar has a new ace up its sleeve.  Nestled into a country known for its whisky, there’s a new contender…Rock Rose gin.  Created at a distillery in our neighbouring county, this gin has won many awards over the years ranging from The Grocer drink awards to Scotland food and drink excellence awards.


Dunnet Bay distillers are proud to use carefully selected local and traditional Botanicals to create the wonderful taste of Rock Rose gin.  With three original flavours to choose from they have now also introduced four different flavours, one for each season of the year.

Juniper berries are the predominant botanical, using two different types from different countries.  Bulgarian juniper for its lemon sherbet notes and Italian juniper for its warmth and depth.  The three other big botanicals are locally sourced.  Rhodiola Rosa, Sea Buckthorn, and Rowan berries are all locally sourced from the northern parts of the Scottish Highlands.



Dunnet Bay distillers have also introduced a ‘Rock Rose Recycle’ which is part of a new innovative recycling scheme.  Instead of buying a new bottle each time, Dunnet Bay distillers sell refill pouches.  These refill pouches are then sent back to the distillery by free post and fully recycled by Terracycle.

What a clever idea, they also hope to have fully biodegradable refill pouches by 2025.

But be warned, they have made it very clear on their website that “We DO NOT claim drinking Rock Rose gin will ward off colds, ghosts & ghoulies or give you added strength!!!”

Make your way to our Waypoint bar to find out what all the excitement is about.  The new power couple in town, our house G&T… Rock Rose gin accompanied by Cushiedoos tonic.

The Lovat Loch Ness, the perfect place to…Drink responsibly.

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Post by Dan Mitchell

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