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From Albas, Bourbons, Centifolias, Climbers, Damasks and Historic Tea Hybrids, our garden is in full bloom.  The fragrance and colour brings warmth to any dull day and with no guests to enjoy these gorgeous garden additions we thought we would make good use of the petals for future use!

So rather than see these beauties go to waste we have decided to make some yellow and pink rose petal jam that can accompany your toast at breakfast or perhaps Sean will pop it on a dessert in our Restaurant.

Try our simple recipe.


300g                       yellow and pink rose petals – the more floral the better

450g                       granulated sugar

1100g                     water

1                              juice of lemon



Day 1

Pick the rose petals and place in a bowl (leave 50g to one side for use later).  Cover with 200g of sugar and leave overnight.

Day 2

Make a sugar syrup with the water and remaining sugar – gently heat until the liquid is clear.  Add the lemon juice then 250g rose petals and simmer for 20mins.  Then turn up the heat and reduce the mixture until you have the consistency you would like for your jam.  Once reached, add in the remaining 50g rose petals and they will metal almost immediately.



When the jam cools it will thicken slightly and if you don’t reduce it enough you can always return it to the heat later.

Enjoy & Happy Cooking!

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Post by Caroline Gregory

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