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It is always fun to try something different and if you have a couple of gadgets in the kitchen and don’t use them much then try out our microwave sponge…yep – microwave – often a sinful word to use in a high-end commercial kitchen – but they have their uses!


120g    sweet cicely (locally foraged)

120g    hazelnuts roasted

380g    egg white

240g    egg yolk

60g      plain flour

5g        caster sugar

6g        salt



Blend until smooth

Pass through a chinois into a pressurised gas gun with 2 charges

Rest for 1-2 hours

Squirt the mixture into a plastic cup with holes at the bottom

Cook for 30 seconds in the microwave

Can substitute hazelnuts for pistachio, almonds or dehydrated fruit


Suggestion – serve the sponge as a garnish on a main dessert or have the sponge with a cup of tea!


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Post by Caroline Gregory

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