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Heading off to stalk red stags in Scotland is a bucket-list experience for most stalkers.  One of the country’s most majestic animals, the red deer is Scotland’s largest native land mammal and one of its most sought-after sporting trophies.

The skill is in reading the wind direction, keeping out of sight, knowing how to locate and make an approach without being detected by the animal and knowing how to be a skilled shot with a rifle to ensure a successful and swift kill.

By far the most thrilling part of the season is the rut, which traditionally begins on 20th September, “the Day of the Roaring”.  It is the noise that sets a rifleman’s pulse racing: the bellows that echo across the glen as the stags defy challengers and marshal their hinds.

The Lovat hotel is right in the Scottish Highlands and it makes a great location for your stay during hunting days.  The hotel’s public areas offer cozy fireplaces and The Waypoint bar has a selection of more than 100 single malts and other options, depending on your taste to warm you up after a hard day on the hill.  It all makes a perfect environment to relax after being outdoors stalking.

Hunter Duff Hurt-Davis explains to The Field that whatever you do before you go to the hill, make sure you have good breakfast.  Porridge, eggs and bacon, toast and coffee, will set you up for an energetic outing stalking red deer.  Breakfast at The Lovat hotel will ensure you’re energized and ready for a day in the hills.

Season Dates

In Scotland, stags can be shot between 1st July and 20th October.

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