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There are some great Scottish words and ‘dreich’ is one of them because it sums up the wet and windy Highland life so well.

Today was one of those days…dreich – damp – dismal – depressing…that’s kind of how it can go when the rain sets in and there is no sign of let up…BUT as us Scots have got to know it doesn’t matter how hard it rains, sleets and snows – it can turn bright in an instant.

Today was one of those days – it was a wild night that turned into a wild morning and afternoon but at 4:00pm hope for a better day was given as the grey, heavy clouds cleared and offered a glimmer of blue mixed with some sparkly sunlight that certainly put a smile on our faces and a window to nip outside for some marathon training.   However, the shine didn’t last too long before the driving rain began to lash down again…

Sod the outdoors – we’re staying in to make some ‘warm your cockles’ broth (another great word)…to go with our cheese scones as showcased in our restaurant Loch Ness – The Brasserie, open from 10th February 2016.

restaurant Loch Ness

dine at our restaurant Loch Ness

As my Mum says, ‘this’ll warm your cockles…’

Scotch Broth


250g carrot, peeled and diced

250g swede diced

1kg lamb shoulder

2 small onions peeled and diced

1 celery stalk peeled and diced

1 leek, use just the white part sliced

100g pearl barley

100g dried peas

salt and pepper

bay leaf

fresh thyme

around 2 litres of lamb stock


To book a table in our restaurant Loch Ness call us on 01456 490000 or email

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Post by Caroline Gregory

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