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Here at the Lovat Loch Ness, your four-legged family member will always be a friend of ours.  Because of that, we wanted to do a little something special for them on arrival so we have now introduced a little bone shaped natural treat – a welcome gift – a BrewDog bone by WowDog.

WowDog was started in 2011 by Steve, Louisa, and Buddy the dog (aka the chief tasting officer).

“We didn’t feel right about feeding our lovely beagle Breagh mass-produced dog treats which can contain artificial additives and low-quality ingredients.”

The WowDog |BrewDog collaboration came about when BrewDog got in touch with WowDog to develop a dog treat made with the spent grain from the Ellon brewery.

The spent grain is what is left in the mash tun after that stage of the brewing process and normally goes to some very lucky cows up in Ellon who gobble up over 15 tons per week!

The treats contain Rapeseed Oil, Free-Range Eggs, Oats, BrewDog Spent Grain and Bicarbonate of Soda so are full of lovely natural ingredients as you would expect.  And it’s worth mentioning – 0% alcohol!

“We hope that your four-legged friend enjoys their treat, you can find us at  for Information on WowDog, our shop, events, and our blog.”

The Lovat Loch Ness, a great place to… Treat your four-legged family member.

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Post by Dan Mitchell

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