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It never ceases to amaze me how food products come about…and mayonnaise is one of those great creations.  Who would have thought that by whisking egg, vinegar and oil you could get this incredible delight that has transformed our sandwich eating lives…not to mention the addition to eating a chip.  Yum!

Here our Head Chef, Sean Kelly has put together a recipe for homemade mayonnaise with an added twist for this time of year, which includes wild garlic.  We are fortunate enough to have this wild stuff growing almost on our doorstep – in abundance.  It is sweeter than a normal garlic bulb so we make soup, pesto, butter and mayonnaise with the fine allium and serve the mayonnaise with our hand cut fat chips.

Go on, have a look in your back garden and you may be surprised at what you find then try making some – you know you want to!

wild garlic mayonnaise


Egg Yolk                                60g

Whole Egg                           120g

Vegetable Oil                     200ml

Olive Oil                               50ml

Sherry Vinegar                  10g

Dijon Mustard                   15g

Salt To Taste

Wild Garlic To Taste (chopped)



Whisk the eggs, mustard and vinegar together then slowly pour in the oil (still mixing), fold in the chopped wild garlic and season to taste.

We’d love to hear of your wild garlic creations so let us know what you have done and how it tasted!

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Post by Caroline Gregory

2 thoughts on "Foraged Food – wild garlic"

  1. Jackie says:

    We have just moved into the area where can you find the wild garlic please I would love to make your recipe

    1. Caroline Gregory says:

      Great to hear from you and delighted you are interested in recreating our recipe. Pop down to the Fort Augustus Abbey and follow your nose (!)…there is masses of the wild garlic just past the Catholic Church along the main road just before the bridge in the wooded area…you can’t miss it. Happy Cooking!

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